Greenville County School Board District 24 is a quite large area. It stretches from Church Street and Mills Avenue through Augusta Road, Gower, Parkins Mill, Chanticleer, Connestee and Mauldin.  An area this large, with nearly 65,000 residents, is going to be a daunting task for any incumbent, much less for someone running his first campaign.


We need your help! We know not everyone is able to make phone calls, or plan events. So, we are making it easy for you to find a way to help that suits you. There are several committees being formed. Think about how much time you have to spare, and find a team that matches your strengths and interests. We also know you are incredibly busy, and will work around your availability:

Social Media: Help us get the word out. This team will manage our social media and web content, promote upcoming events, generate conversations with the community, and help build our likes, tweets, followers and posts.

 Street team: We have many neighbors who know about us and our work. But, there are many more who need to hear about what an impact our community could have in our schools with Derek’s leadership. The street team will be helping with putting up signs around town, speaking with neighbors, and through door to door walks or house parties, helping get the word out

Events team: Party planners unite! We have a variety of events planned for the next few months. The Events Team will help us plan the details for events, securing locations, sponsors, and managing invitation lists.

Phone Bank: With a district this size, we always need help getting the word out. Join this group of chatty friends who will be calling on their friends, neighbors, colleagues and other District 24 voters to encourage them to vote for Derek.

 There are many other behind the scenes jobs, including clericalfund raising, and cheerleaders to help keep everyone moving along. No one will be doing this alone, our Leadership Team is made of experienced campaigners and Non-Profit leaders who understand volunteer recruitment, training, and retention, and will do everything possible to make sure you have the tools to succeed. Thanks again for considering volunteering. You can sign up using the form below. Thanks again, Derek and Hedrick and William Lewis