Greenville School Board considers 2015-2016 budget

As our students prepare for the final few weeks of school, the District is preparing to approve next year’s budget. 

The Greenville County School District Superintendent released his proposed 2015-2016 budget. Public comment is sought prior to the board approval at the upcoming June board meeting. I encourage you to review the budget and let me know if you have any comments or concerns. 

You can review the budget here 
A few highlights:
Total projected budget : $537,000,000
Budget projects a net increase of 500 students in FY15-FY16
District projects to spend 1.32% of budget on Administrative Costs, down 26% 2008 and 47% LOWER than SC average.
Proposed budget includes an increase of 4.5 mills to the local tax rate (approximate additional annual tax of $5.50 on a $21,000 vehicle or $162 on a $602 million business). This is the lowest increase in past 5 years (and far short of the 10.5 mills allowed by ACT 388).
Increases in expenses primarily cover raises for classroom teachers and support positions (e.g., bus drivers, cafeteria workers). In 2009 teachers saw a freeze put on their salaries as the board addressed funding shortfalls. This budget restores their salary step increases.
$3.8 million to allow for a .5 reduction in Teacher/Student ratios across district, restoring teacher/student ratios to 2008 levels.
$500,000 reduction in expenses as District staff look for ways to help control spending.
$2.6 million in additional state mandated expenses that are currently unfunded by legislature including $2 million for staff to support English Language learners.
$1.5 million in funds allocated to pay for Charter School services within the district.
An addition of an Evaluation Specialist to help District objectively assess each of its programs and services to measure effectiveness, allowing for replication of promising programs across the district.

Please review the budget and attend our meeting to provide public comment, or email me your thoughts or questions as we work to review this proposed budget.

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