Building a Career-ready Learning Environment

If you haven’t been to one of our Career Centers, you are missing out! No longer are the centers focused on building birdhouses or changing tires on cars. As a part of the district’s Graduation Plus program, students are not only taking a variety of courses leading to workforce skills, but, in many cases, are also leaving high school with accreditations and licenses that enable them to walk directly into a job.

Here are a few examples:

Rachel and Caroline are two students in the District’s cosmetology program. When they graduate from this two year program they will have their Cosmetology License. Last week, two salons came and spoke to their classes and assured them that jobs would be ready for them when they graduate.

Raven is a student in the Districts Culinary Arts program. She joined over 140 Greenville School District students in the SC career center competitions last month. Raven and 30 others placed and will be moving on to nationals next month. But, more importantly, Raven’s ServeSafe certificate and Front of the House experiences would allow her to walk into most restaurants in Greenville County upon graduation.

It isn’t just that these students are gaining valuable experience and certifications, but that they are doing it while incurring NO COLLEGE DEBT, making it possible for them to enter the workforce both employable and debt free! The Career Centers are adding a series of additional certification classes including Firefighting and HVAC service within the next year.

It is programs like these that will make it possible for us to meet our goal of an 85% graduation rate by the end of 2020.



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